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April of 2021

Dear Homeowners,

The Board of Directors – in conjunction with the district’s management company, PCMS – are excited to debut a new way of accessing the pool and tennis court facilities in Stonegate North Villages. Beginning at the end of May, as the pool re-opens for the season, we will transition from our old pool cards – to a new system that allows residents to use their personal smartphone as a mobile access pass. Your phone will become your key, allowing simple, easy, access.

We are very pleased with the advantages this system will give us – as well as each of you as residents. We learned a great deal during the challenges presented by Covid regulations in the last year – including the lesson that technology can give us tremendous advantages for granting contactless access, and understanding facilities usage. As a district, moving to this new system will allow us not only an opportunity to better understand pool usage patterns and occupancy rates – but also, provide enhanced safety during off-hours, contactless access, and the ability to ensure only current and authorized residents use the facilities.

For residents, you will now be able to access the pool and tennis courts that belong to Stonegate North Villages by simply accessing your pass on your smartphone as you reach the entry gates to the pool or tennis courts. Each household will get up to 6 Mobile Access Passes.

What follows are the specific steps to ensure your household gets set up by May 18th, allowing you to have continued access at the gates for the pool and the tennis courts. We have a helpful step-by-step guide, a page of Frequently Asked Questions, and contact information for our team should you have any questions.

Thanks again for making a note of the change – and for helping us usher in this new, technology-enhanced solution! We look forward to a tremendous season at the pool and throughout the community.

Warm regards,

The Board and Management Team for Stonegate North Villages