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Author: Jennifer Dulles

eNews: Annual Senior Celebration

Hi Everyone,

We look so forward to once again celebrating the graduating seniors of Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District and Stonegate Village Metropolitan District! If you have a student graduating from high school or college, please send in a submission to

Please include all of the following in your email to us:

1. The student’s first and last name;

2. The name of the high school or college from which they are graduating;

3. A high-resolution color photo — which can be either a formal senior photo or a photo you have taken — as long as it is high-resolution and capable of being printed in a poster format.

We will confirm your submission, and then create a poster of the graduate. Posters will then be available at the annual Senior Celebration. This year the event will be on Friday, May 24th from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District pool.

You will find additional details on this celebration in the attached flyer. Thanks for sending in your submissions and for helping us spread the word!

Snow thrower plowing snow

eNews: Spring Storm Snow Removal

Dear District Residents,

We have had crews on-site since 7 a.m. this morning making their way through the district and clearing snow in the areas that are district responsibility. We will continue with this work throughout the day. Please note that the district’s snow removal contract states that the crew has 24 hours to commence with snow removal after the snow has ceased falling. We’ll continue to ensure the crews are working hard, while managing through weather and storm updates.

The district-maintained areas include: all right-of-way sidewalks on, or adjacent to, common tracts owned by the district, as well as the main park sidewalks. Our crews also manage snow removal for the two parking lots adjacent to the Community Center, pool and tennis courts, as well as the park at the southeast corner of Keystone Boulevard and Aventerra Parkway.

Please note that snow removal on the adjacent public streets throughout the district is under the jurisdiction of Douglas County. Residents can view the county’s snow removal policies, including routes, priorities, policies, and information on filing a concern, at ice-removal/.

As always, we do appreciate your eyes and ears on our district-owned areas, and if you see any that need attention, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the district hotline: 720-851-8178.

Thanks again — and do stay safe and warm in the midst of this spring snowstorm!

eNews: Storm Sewer Project


Hello Residents, 

Please see the details below, from Douglas County, about a storm sewer project. 

Here is the synopsis of the project, along with a general map indicating outfalls to be inspected: Douglas County has determined that some of the storm sewer within Stonegate was installed in the late 1980s to the mid 1990s, this review has prompted Douglas County to begin the inspection of the existing storm sewer system outfalls. Douglas County understands that we do not own most of the outfalls but the roadway storm sewer system connects to the Stonegate North Villages Metro District storm sewer system which contains the outfalls. An outfall is where the storm sewer within the road releases the water during rain/snowmelt events into the drainageways/ponds. Douglas County has contracted with RESPEC to conduct inspections of the outfalls within the drainageways in Stonegate. RESPEC will have staff out there walking along the drainageways, taking pictures and notes at this time; work will be done this winter as weather permits.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Debbie Kula with Douglas County, by emailing

Thank you!

Board Room with Chairs

eNews: Combined Nov./Dec. Meeting for District



Please make a note that the board meetings for November and December have been combined into one meeting, which will also be the continued 2024 budget hearing. This combined meeting will be held at the Community Center at 5:30 p.m. on November 30th.

The district website — — always has the latest information on meetings — as well as a host of helpful information about the district’s amenities. Please bookmark the site so you can easily find it and locate information at your fingertips.

Many thanks!
The Board of Directors
Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District