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New to the neighborhood and looking to understand which entities provide services? The following is a list that should be helpful:

Stonegate Village Owner’s Association
The HOA is the Stonegate Village Owner’s Association and it is the covenant controlling entity for both Stonegate North Villages, our district — and Stonegate Village, the district adjacent to ours. The HOA manages the covenants and is the proper contact for questions related to covenant enforcement or items such as home additions, decks and paint colors. The HOA also manages the contracts for garbage services. Learn more about the HOA by visiting the HOA’s separate website at:

Stonegate Village Metropolitan District
Stonegate Village Metropolitan District is the immediately adjacent metropolitan district. Our district has shared-use agreements that allow residents access to their pool and the ability to rent their clubhouse. The website for Stonegate Village Metropolitan District can be found at:

The following utility information may be helpful for new residents as well.

  • The water provider is Stonegate Village Metropolitan District
  • The natural gas provider is Xcel energy
  • The electric service provider is IREA
  • The waste management company is provided in the HOA assessments for single-family homes
  • Residents in multi-family homes have their waste management company bills managed through their sub-associations

The fire and police for the district are as follows:

  • South Metro Fire District
  • Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District is not in the city of Parker, but rather unincorporated Douglas County. As such, please note we are in the jurisdiction of the Douglas County Sheriff for police matters