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eNews: North Pool Opening Date/VIZpin Applications Now Open for 2023

Stonegate North Villages Pool


Hello Residents,

It has been a cold winter, and the Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District is looking very forward to warmer days and to the new summer pool season! The pool complex located at 9540 Stonegate Parkway, Parker, CO 80134 will open Memorial Day Weekend — Saturday, May 27th at 9:00 a.m.

As a reminder, our district utilizes the VIZpin system for access to our facilities, including both our pool, commonly referred to as the North Pool, and our district’s tennis courts. This technology makes it easy for the district to ensure visitors to our facilities are verified and approved residents and allows simple access through their smartphone. Each approved resident will receive a VIZpin Mobile Access Pass (Smartkey) and will utilize their pass when they visit.

You will not be allowed access to the facilities without a VIZpin Mobile Access Pass (Smartkey). The district has opened the online application process, effective today, allowing anyone who still needs to complete the application process adequate time to do so. So don’t wait! If you or your family needs to set up your VIZpin, now is the time.

Here are a few helpful FAQs and pointers.

I already have my VIZpin Mobile Access Pass (Smartkey) from last year.
If you have already applied for — and been approved — for VIZpin access during the prior season, then no other action is needed at this time. Your VIZpin Mobile Access Pass (Smartkey) will still provide you access. The only exception is if your rental lease has expired since the end of the season. 

How do we add a new family member?
If you need to add someone, there is no need to re-register. You can simply email the following information to:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Cell Number (this need to be the phone that will be used to download the app and access the facilities)
  4. Date of Birth (if under the age of 18)
  5. Reason for the additional resident being added.

My cell phone number changed. Can I update my VIZpin so it is tied to my new smartphone?

If your cell phone number changed there is no need to re-register. Simply email the following information to

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Cell Number (this need to be the phone that will be used to download the app and access the facilities)
  4. Date of Birth (if under the age of 18)
  5. A note about the fact your cell number changed.

Once we update your cell number, we will let you know it has been changed, and then you will simply follow the directions to download the app on the new phone.

We still need to apply for a VIZpin Mobile Access Pass (Smartkey).
If you are new to the community or have not applied for a VIZpin mobile access pass. (Smartkey) and would like to use the pool and/or the tennis courts, you may initiate the VIZpin application process by visiting the Apply for A Pass page of our district website.

As a reminder, guests are not placed on the registration and the guest policy can be found on our website or at the QR code here.

Thanks for helping us ensure everyone is ready for the summer season — we’ll look very forward to seeing you at the pool and on the courts!

P.S. — Also, a quick reminder that we are a separate metropolitan district from Stonegate Village. For information on how to access their pool, commonly called the South Pool, please visit their website at:

The Board of Directors