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eNews: Open Space Turf Damage


The Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District Board of Directors had a lengthy discussion at their meeting last week with our new landscape contractor, Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, regarding various sections of winter kill turf damage. As many may have noticed, the most greatly impacted areas in the District are the turf areas off of Chambers between Aventerra and Haseley Drive, and Stones Landing (Richmond Homes) turf off of Aventerra and Alzere Place and the Market Park turf area.

There are two links to CSU Extension Service that address the likely reasons behind the turf damage sustained over the winter:

 1400-13 – Mite Damage to Lawns – PlantTalk Colorado (

CO-Horts: Lawn Winterkill: Lessons from 2016-’17 (

At this juncture, Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes has provided three suggested options to address the damaged turf. Of them, cutting out all of the dead turf and resodding is the most extreme – and most expensive. The board is working to try other approaches ahead of embarking down this path. The two other approaches include dethatching the dead areas and overseeding them – as well as trying a revive product on the impacted areas. The board has elected to explore these latter two options, testing smaller sections to determine their success and finalize the best course of action.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we address this issue- and work to explore which approach offers the best resolution.

Many thanks!