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eNews: Water Allocations on Open Space Tract

Update: September 23, 2021

As addressed in the June newsletter, the Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District (SNVMD) has its water and water services provided by the Stonegate Village (SVMD) Metropolitan District. The Stonegate North Villages board of directors has asked that residents be notified that we have met our water allocation for the season for the common tract landscaping areas highlighted in pink on the attached map.

Notification was made from Stonegate Village to Stonegate North Village that the allocation has been met for one irrigation water tap – and that Stonegate Village has authorized the water be turned off. The other two irrigation water taps for Stonegate North Villages continue to be under the usage calculation provided by Stonegate Village. This is the first year that the Stonegate Village has placed irrigation water usage limitations and our board members are working to see if there is a solution to having met the allotment. To that end, our landscape contractor, Brightview, has sent a written request to the Stonegate Village board of directors requesting reconsideration of the decision to turn off the one tap – and requesting that irrigation usage be looked at cumulatively across all three taps.

Please note that since this is the first year of being placed under water usage limitations, we are hopeful that the solution proposed will be considered and implemented by the adjacent district. That said, we wanted to inform residents about the possibility of these areas going dormant earlier than the others. We will continue to be diligent in our management of the common areas so that we can avoid any possibility of water restrictions creating a negative and long-term impact to any turf or the existing mature plants. The district may need to evaluate incurring costs, including to hand water trees, to ensure we are avoiding issues – and meeting our installation agreements and warranties on trees and plantings.

Thank you for your understanding and patience – and please know we will continue to provide updates on water usage, landscaping, and other district matters on the website, in eNews and in the monthly newsletter.

Thank you!