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Flick & Float Starts June 11th!

Our First Flick & Float of the Season is Scheduled for June 11th!

Congratulations to the Novak family. Their submission won – and we are thrilled to announce that our first Flick & Float of the year will be “The Greatest Showman.”

Wood fence

Perimeter Fence Repair Update

District Maintained Fencing: Our Board of Directors received an update that our 2021 fence repair project has been delayed due to the weekly weather patterns that have set them back several weeks. The contractor is estimating that the repairs should begin between June 14th and June 25th. The contractor will be mailing letters to those residents who will have fence repairs completed late next week — and plan to have the repair areas marked next week as well. As part of the preparation process for this work, if you receive a notice that work on the perimeter fence abutting your lot will occur, we ask that you make sure that there are no obstructions on or near the fence. This includes, but is not limited to: any trees, limbs, roots, shrubs, landscape planting beds, etc., that would impede the progress of the fence repairs. 

Thank you for your help as we accomplish this work!

Smart Home App on phone

Important! Pool & Tennis Court Access Updates

ATTENTION: The following information is critical to your ability to access the facilities — including both the pool and the tennis courts — that belong to Stonegate North Villages. Please read and review before May 18th to ensure continued access to the pool and tennis courts in our district.


Attached is information about the new way to access the facilities in Stonegate North Villages. Both the pool and the tennis courts in Stonegate North Villages will now use Mobile Access Passes. Click here to log on to apply for your family’s Mobile Access Passes in the coming days.

As a reminder, you should do this process no later than May 18th in order to ensure access to the Stonegate North Villages pool when it opens May 29th.  

We look forward to a great season this summer!

The Board and Management Team for Stonegate North Villages

Pinecones in snow

Snow Removal Reminders

As snow comes our way, we know many residents have questions about the district’s snow removal. Stonegate North Villages Metropolitan District does provide snow removal services for all right-of-way sidewalks that are either on or adjacent to a common tract owned or maintained by the district — as well as all main park sidewalks — and for the two parking lots adjacent to the pool and tennis courts and the park at the southeast corner of Keystone Boulevard and Aventerra Parkway. Snow removal operations are triggered anytime there is an accumulation of more than two inches in depth and the district’s contract with Brightview calls for their teams to begin snow removal operations within twelve hours after the snowfall has ceased, or as weather conditions safely permit. Please do note that snow removal on the adjacent public streets is handled directly by Douglas County. For more information on the county’s snow removal policies, including routes, priorities, policies and information on filing a concern, please visit Stay safe and warm out there!

Stonegate North Villages Pool fountain area

Pool Closed for Season

Thanks for a Great Season at the Pool!

The pool is now closed for the season. Thanks for working with our partners at Front Range Recreation so we could all enjoy the facilities. As we move into the cooler months, we will be preparing the community for the fall and winter. Keep an eye out for the community signs being updated to match our new name and new brand soon, as well.

Stonegate North Villages Logo

Stonegate North Villages Launch

The district has formally filed to do business as Stonegate North Villages. This means residents will now continue to see materials referencing the district’s new name, as well as the introduction of new community signage across the district. Please note that some legal filings may reference Lincoln Park DBA Stonegate North Villages, ensuring proper legal compliance and use of the dba (doing business as) designation for this transition. We look forward to sharing the new era ahead and hope residents find the new website and community materials easy to navigate. For any questions, please reach the board at